GarlicOS 2.0 for RG35XX+

On November 14, Black Seraph, the developer of the famous GarlicOs Custom Firmware, learned of the existence of its version 2.0 for several Anbernic consoles, and although in the photo we saw an RG35XX, this version was not available for it.

Yesterday, just a few hours before the launch of the new RG35XX+ Black Seraph through its X account (formerly Twitter), we learned that we would have GarlicOs 2.0 for the new console from day one! (and it is now that we suspect that the RG35XX seen in the photo could be a Plus…
You have more information from his Patreon account and how to download the new Bootloader, although we will publish it as always here…

Koriki 1.0 Available!

It’s been about 3 days now that we have available the long-awaited version 1.0 of Koriki for RG35XX developed by acmeplus, which offers many new features and that we are looking forward to trying…

Change log:

  • Synchronized code base to batocera devel (V39)
  • Updated all cores to the latest versions
  • Updated all standalone emulators (PPSSPP, flycast, etc)
  • Added shutdown after removing power cable during charging
  • Added initial suspend mode (low enery userspace mode, not kernel based, not hibernation): Short press Power button to enter/exit suspend mode
  • Added shutdown shortcut: press volume+ + Power button for shutdown
  • Brightness level is now saved
  • All hardware revisions should work without requiring bootfixes
  • Added new theme (Airon Theme) Thanks @SzalikDesigns!
  • Added stylus support for NDS (R2 + DPAD for movement, R2 + A to click)
  • Ports:
    • Added VVVVVV port
    • Added back SpaceCadet port
    • @JohnnyonFlame ports (MalditaCastilla, Spelunky, CurseOfIssyos, ShovelKnight) should now work and exit correctly
    • Updated OpenBOR versions, default is now 6510
    • Added additional ports/emulators: Amiberry, OpenJazz, CDOGS, ECWOLF, eDuke32, Fallout 1 & 2, Fury, OpenTyrian, Simcoupe, etc. Note that all these require data file, refer to batocera pages for those ports for information about required data files
  • Other changes:
    • ODCommander keys are now working
    • OpenBOR default keys configured
    • Updated default PPSSPP standalone mappings (thanks @s1eepy)

You can download this latest version from here:

NDS Emulator Updated!

XQuader has updated its version of the Nintendo DS DraStic emulator for the GarlicOs and MinUi custom firmwares, with many improvements!
Here is the changelog for the current version:

– October 18, 2023:
1) Fixed screen tearing (sort of, still not perfect, replace “.directfbrc” with “.directfbrc_old” in case you won’t like the way it works now);
2) Fixed menu rendering;
3) Fixed HDMI-out on Garlic OS (hot-plug is supported);
4) Fixed performance issues on MinUI;
5) Fixed stylus movement (now it can be rolled in all directions without releasing the D-Pad);
6) Added stylus speed control (L1/R1 to decrease/increase stylus speed, 10 levels of speed, 2 is the default)
1) Fix remaining v-sync issues;
2) Add multiple screen modes/layouts and overlays support.

Available from the XQuader blog here:

NDS available for GarlicOS and MinUI

Recently, XQuader surprised us with the news that it has ported the Nintendo DS emulator (DraStic) for the GarlicOS and MinUI Custom Firmwares, and although it is still in a very early phase of development, it seems to work wonderfully.

Known issues:
1) Screen tearing;
2) Menu is hard to read;
3) HDMI-out audio is not working (audio plays through the rg35xx speaker);
4) Stylus doesn’t like “rolling” in different directions, e.g. Right => Right+Down => Right will stop it from moving in the “Right” direction.
Not implemented (yet):
1) Multiple screen modes/layouts and overlays support (as in the MM/MM+ version)

You can download the version you need from their Blog at

Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny port Updated!

JoJones88 contacted me via Discord recently to inform me that the Port of Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny that we had on the page only allowed one episode of the game to be played, and that they had created an update in which we could play all the episodes.
So after providing me with the necessary files, we have re-uploaded and updated them so that we can enjoy them, so it is now available for download in our Ports for GarlicOS section.

GMU Music Player Updated

A few days ago, XQuader sent me an update of this application for our consoles, music player, which now also:

– September 18, 2023:

1) Change default controls
2) Add Module formats (.669; .amf; .ams; .dbm; .digi; .dmf; .dsm; .far; .gdm; .imf; .it; .j2b; .m15; .mdl; .med; .mmcmp; .mo3; .mod; .mptm; .mt2; .mtm; .nst; .okt; .plm; .ppm; .psm; .ptm; .s3m; .stk; .stm; .ult; .umx; .wow; .xm; .xpk) support
3) Add Musepack (.mpc, .mp+) support
4) Add WavPack (.wv, .wvc) support

You can download the latest version from our Apps section for GarlicOs

MPlayer with HDMI Support!

     XQuader, the great developer that has been giving us so many good updates lately, has updated MPlayer again to support HDMI output so we can enjoy our content on a larger screen! And you can also connect the HDMI whenever you want, without having to plug it in before turning on the console! (Or at least that’s what I understood, since I haven’t been able to test it yet)
You have the download now available from our APPS Section for GarlicOS

And if you need content to watch, stop by our Retro TV section

Weekend Updates

     The developer XQuader sends me these modified and improved Dual-Stock firmware Scripts so that everyone can use them in their GarlicOS installation.
These Scripts are used to create a backup and restore of the GarlicOS configuration files, in case we make any changes and want to reverse it, such as changing some core… We can also return our GarlicOS system to factory. We have included it in our Apps for GarlicOS section and it is available for download there!

In addition to this, XQuader has compiled new versions of various cores so that we can update them, since they improve compatibility with games.
Here I leave the publication: (Links to updates)

TIC-80 (tic80): It is actively developed and the changelog is just too big, the most noticeable is HUGE performance improvement. I used bunnymark snd crapmark, benchmarks, and here are some results:

  • Bunnymark (bunnies number till stutters): 40 bunnies in old core, 340 bunnies in new core

  • Crapmark (overall score): 3170 in old core, 10015 in new core

PICO-8 (fake08): added RetroArch controls remapping.

Amiga (uae4arm): The uae4arm core that comes with Garlic OS just freezes my device, I’ve compiled a new one and in tested cases, it performs better than PUAE2021 (but it has fewer configurations options/features and fewer supported formats, e.g. not all hdf‘s are loading). I used a game as a benchmark – Fire And Ice, slight underclock (single minus), Threaded Video ON:

  • constant stutter in PUAE2021 even with frameskip and reduced “CPU Speed” core option,

  • almost smooth gameplay in UAE4ARM (rare slowdowns when there are a lot of effects)

Commodore set (vice c64, c128, plus4, etc.): there was a big update from the upstream project (v3.7 on Feb 12), but other than that mostly bug fixes.

Atari 800 (Atari800): Added savestate support, Rewind support, Disc Control menu (Supports Disks, Tapes, and M3U files), fixes for control issues, etc.

Atari ST (hatari): improved virtual keyboard (change keys position and colors closer to an ST), some bugfixes

ZX Spectrum (fuse): Added proper joystick management, and fixes for some control issues.

Uzebox (uzem): old core doesn’t work at all, new core “works”, but in tested games, it stutters even on overclock++

And tomorrow, more things that I have pending… 😉


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