GarlicOs Setup & Upgrades

     From the Retro Handhelds, Youtube channel, today we bring you this video tutorial, where they teach us how to download and install Black Seraph’s, Garlic operating system, how to install it on the memory card, and also how to get new themes for GarlicOs, and They mention and recommend us, we cannot be happier and more proud.

Then they teach us how to open the handheld, proceed to change the rear triggers for new, more comfortable ones, from@better-buttons (with the code RETROHANDHELDS they give you a 10% discount), and also how to replace the battery with another with more capacity , of 2800Mah, which can be obtained > HERE! <. You can see it all below:

Language / Idioma

We are translating the website into English for users who visit us from outside of Spain. It is possible that you will still find things without translating, this takes time. Thanks for understanding!

Estamos traduciendo la web a Ingles para los usuarios que nos visitan desde fuera de España. Es posible que os encontreis aun cosas sin traducir, esto lleva su tiempo. Gracias por la Comprension!


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