Weekend Updates

Many pending things due to lack of time, little by little I will add them this weekend to this post:

– Already available for a few days the section of Battery Charge Themes.
– Also available for you to share your own Battery Charging Theme.
– New APP for GarlicOs Little GP Tracker.
– New MOD for GarlicOS (For Advanced users) Toggle ADB.
– Updated APP for GarlicOs ROM Shuffler.
– Updated MOD for GarlicOS Low Battery Warning.
– New APP for GarlicOs PDF Manual Support.
– Sets of Overlays for RetroArch from various systems, with their respective configuration files. Added to the MODS for GarlicOS.
– Added Extra Pack of Roms for Tiny Best Set Go! in the Bios and ROMS section.
– Updated the “Absolutely Nothing” , “GarlicOs MinUified” , “SALAD EDITION” and “SimpleOK” Themes due to text errors.
– New PORT of the game “Jump ‘N Bump”.

And more pending things that will be added throughout the weekend…

16 Themes Updated

Today, thanks to a comment on a Reddit post, we discovered that some themes were not working correctly with RetroArch, as there was no Oswald font in the “font” folder inside “skin”. We’ve gone through all the themes again, and found 16 that didn’t have this font, so we’ve updated them. If you had any of these themes downloaded and they didn’t work correctly with RetroArch, you can download them again, and we hope that this time we have solved that problem!

Updated Themes:- CatOs
– Dreamsicle
– Garlic Fusion
– Garlic MinUified
– Minimal Dungeon
– Minui Garlicos
– Monoscreen Dark
– Monoscreen Light
– Moving Dungeon
– P535XX
– Pip-Boy
– Salad Edition
– Super Playboy
– Super Playboy 2

New Themes and Boot Logos!

     Today we have finally been able to catch up with all your pending uploads. It has taken us all afternoon since some of you do not do things well, and you give us more work than necessary…
You have to add all the languages, not just put yours, there are 19 other known ones… You also have to organize things well in the folders before compressing the file, and if that were not enough, you should have your Custom Firmware updated, Since you still send things that are not compatible anymore… Incomprehensible!

In any case, we have solved it, and before going to sleep, we leave you available for download:
– 10 New Themes
– 2 Updated Themes (P535XX and Garlic98)
-10 New Boot Logos

Thanks to all of you who contribute your grain of sand to the RG35XX community 😉

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