Koriki 1.0.4 ED for RG35XX Image

     Approximately 1 month ago we announced an image of Koriki/Batocera Lite that ED Torres had prepared for our consoles, loaded with Roms, Themes, Overlays, configured to the maximum so that everything worked perfectly. Designed for a 128GB card and you can later change the ROMs if you feel like it.
Since that day we began to make a mirror to leave it on Archive.org available to more people, and between the little time I have and how slow it is sometimes to upload large files, it has taken a long time, to the point that it has been updated, and therefore, before publishing it here, we have taken care of updating it as well.
The image is of an 8GB card, which you can use for a 2-card system, putting the ROMS on the second card, or you can expand the SHARE partition to the maximum of your card and adding the ROMS there.
Some very heavy systems have been split into several files, but then they go in the same folder, and you can unzip them separately or when you have downloaded them all.
We leave you the direct link here, and we will also add it to our Roms section. Enjoy it!!
(NOTE: It is not valid for PLUS or H, it is being worked on)

RG35XX Koriki 1.04 ED 128GB by ED Torres



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