New RG35XX+?

     From here we want to ask for your collaboration, so that we can acquire one of the first machines to be able to continue developing the work from the web, and bring you all the best and necessary for the console. Thanks in advance. You can collaborate in the following way:

Buy me a Coffee on

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Themes (Skins) Updates

     Today I have been creating modified “settings.json” files for each and every one of the themes that we currently have for download in our GarlicOS Themes section.
After a while, I have been able to verify that the vast majority of GarlicOS users prefer to have the images of the games on the left and their names on the right, and there are many times that I have read comments from users asking about them on Reddit. how to modify it or how to do it, since most themes come with the text centered on the screen.
So I got to work and created the 83 modifications, 1 for each theme, and added them to the list in the Themes section for GarlicOS, so that no one has to download the full themes again. You will be able to see the download button next to the theme download button.
To change it you will only have to unzip it and replace the “settings.json” file in the theme’s SKIN folder. This way you can have the images on the left and the text on the right.

The next thing is to review all the Themes and Boot Logos content that you have sent and publish them and add them to each corresponding section. Thank you for waiting and patience.

Updates on Boot Animations

     Yesterday morning, taking advantage of the fact that I am on vacation and have some free time, I dedicated myself to doing pending things that I have here on the page.
I have started updating the Boot Animation Selector, as well as all the existing animations in the Boot Animations Section, and 3 new ones have been added.

Now when you choose a new Boot Animation, the system automatically restarts and shows you the new animation.
All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of EmuGames, who has helped us with it.
It is advisable to update the Selector again from the Garlic Mods section (below in the list) and download the desired animations again from the Boot Animations section.

Tomorrow I will continue with more pending things that you have been sending me, I won’t forget about it.

MPlayer with HDMI Support!

     XQuader, the great developer that has been giving us so many good updates lately, has updated MPlayer again to support HDMI output so we can enjoy our content on a larger screen! And you can also connect the HDMI whenever you want, without having to plug it in before turning on the console! (Or at least that’s what I understood, since I haven’t been able to test it yet)
You have the download now available from our APPS Section for GarlicOS

And if you need content to watch, stop by our Retro TV section

Weekend Updates

     The developer XQuader sends me these modified and improved Dual-Stock firmware Scripts so that everyone can use them in their GarlicOS installation.
These Scripts are used to create a backup and restore of the GarlicOS configuration files, in case we make any changes and want to reverse it, such as changing some core… We can also return our GarlicOS system to factory. We have included it in our Apps for GarlicOS section and it is available for download there!

In addition to this, XQuader has compiled new versions of various cores so that we can update them, since they improve compatibility with games.
Here I leave the publication: (Links to updates)

TIC-80 (tic80): It is actively developed and the changelog is just too big, the most noticeable is HUGE performance improvement. I used bunnymark snd crapmark, benchmarks, and here are some results:

  • Bunnymark (bunnies number till stutters): 40 bunnies in old core, 340 bunnies in new core

  • Crapmark (overall score): 3170 in old core, 10015 in new core

PICO-8 (fake08): added RetroArch controls remapping.

Amiga (uae4arm): The uae4arm core that comes with Garlic OS just freezes my device, I’ve compiled a new one and in tested cases, it performs better than PUAE2021 (but it has fewer configurations options/features and fewer supported formats, e.g. not all hdf‘s are loading). I used a game as a benchmark – Fire And Ice, slight underclock (single minus), Threaded Video ON:

  • constant stutter in PUAE2021 even with frameskip and reduced “CPU Speed” core option,

  • almost smooth gameplay in UAE4ARM (rare slowdowns when there are a lot of effects)

Commodore set (vice c64, c128, plus4, etc.): there was a big update from the upstream project (v3.7 on Feb 12), but other than that mostly bug fixes.

Atari 800 (Atari800): Added savestate support, Rewind support, Disc Control menu (Supports Disks, Tapes, and M3U files), fixes for control issues, etc.

Atari ST (hatari): improved virtual keyboard (change keys position and colors closer to an ST), some bugfixes

ZX Spectrum (fuse): Added proper joystick management, and fixes for some control issues.

Uzebox (uzem): old core doesn’t work at all, new core “works”, but in tested games, it stutters even on overclock++

And tomorrow, more things that I have pending… 😉

Recent Updates

     Yesterday, the developer XQuader contacted me to inform me of 2 new updates that he had made to improve the apps for GarlicOS, specifically FFplay and EasyRPG.

These are the changes of the latest versions:

– August 18, 2023:

1) Fixed screen tearing/VSync issues
2) Removed mouse cursor on startup.


August 19, 2023:

1) Fixed screen tearing/VSync issues

Thanks to XQuader for his tireless work!! Updates are available in the Apps section for GarlicOs

Mod for Make Collections of Games

     This new Mod, for GarlicOs, allows us to create collections of games in our Favorites. What this Mod does is create a new System for us, with its icon, and inside we will find our game collections. Selecting one of them will replace the Favorites that we have in Garlic at that moment, but it will not delete anything, it will only change its place, so we can enjoy several different “Favorites” as a collection…
It allows you to rename the collections to your liking, and everything you do is reversible since it makes backup copies. Ideal for creating your collections of platform games, racing games, fighting games…

You can download it in our Mods for GarlicOs section

Boot Animations for Download!

     After several days of work together with RetroMateo, and many trial/error tests, until I have finally been able to make all the boot animations that I had prepared for a long time work correctly, and more that will come now that I have managed to optimize and synchronize them the image and sound correctly, (problem that has taken me several days to solve).
You already have them available to download from the new section of the web Boot Animations for GarlicOS, and they are compatible with the Boot Animation Switcher APP that you have available in the Apps for GarlicOS section.
Here some examples:

Another New Video Player (and Better!) [UPDATED AGAIN!!]

     After several days of testing and exchanging feedback with the developer XQuader, today we have another New Video Player for our RG35XX, but this time Improved!!
It uses the latest version of the codecs available to date, includes text on the screen, so we can have subtitles, in addition to the improvements already achieved with the previous player that it brought us, such as fast forward, fast backward and so on… You could say that this is the call to be the Definitive Video Player!
You already have it available on our Apps page for GarlicOS, under the name of MPlayer. Enjoy watching your videos with better quality thanks to XQuader!

Update: Please download again to use the new features

– July 27, 2023:
1) Menu support was added (Menu + X), it gives access to file selector and some settings;
2) Pause state will preserve on any commands (previously almost any button press resumed the video);
3) Fixed volume keys issue (now you can hold them to continuously change volume/brightness)
4) *.m3u playlist support was added, you can put your series in a subfolder and make a playlist.

– July 29, 2023:
1) Fixed file selector (“Open …” and “Open playlist …” in the menu).
The initial directory will be the directory of the current video file/playlist (e.g. “Roms/VIDEOS”), and it will show the last viewed directory if you open the file selector again.

– August 7, 2023:
1) Added support to resume playback from the last saved position, enabled by default. Set “save-position=no” in line 54 of the “./mplayer/config” file if you want to turn it off. Playback time in seconds is saved to the “resume” subfolder, e.g. if you watching “RomsSdCard:/Roms/VIDEOS/video1.mkv”, it will create “RomsSdCard:/Roms/VIDEOS/resume/video1.mkv.resume”

– August 8, 2023:
1) Added support to preserve volume level between sessions, enabled by default. Set “save-volume=no” in line 50 of the “./mplayer/config” file if you want to turn it off.

– August 13, 2023:

1) Fixed wrong playback speed for video files with mono audio streams.

Boot Animation Switcher

     Today, thanks to the collaboration with Retro Mateo, we bring you this mod, Boot Animations selector so that every time we start the console, after our startup image we can see an introductory animation before loading the GarlicOs Operating System. You already have it available for download in our Apps for GarlicOS section. And shortly we will have a section full of Animations so you can choose which one to install that you like the most.
Remember to read the instructions to install it.
Here is the demonstration video of Retro Mateo:

Updated GBA Cores for GarlicOs

XQuader via Reddit informs us of a GBA Core update that he has been working on to fix a problem that he had since previous versions of GarlicOs.
This is what he says in his post:

mGBA core in the Garlic OS 1.4.9 is very outdated, it was built upon source code dated Feb 22, 2022, because of an odd audio issue that appeared, when Black-Seraph tried to compile a fresh version of the core (see the changelog of Garlic OS 1.2.9).

I’ve managed to fix the issue and compile the core from the latest source code. Along with this core, I also decided to compile the latest gpSP core.

Pay attention, that save states from the old mGBA core will be incompatible with the new one – the game may not start or may have audio issues. Launch the game using the Start button to avoid loading auto-savestate and load an in-game save.

You can download the update: >HERE<


If you are thinking about making the jump to something more powerful, from here you can get it cheaper!
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