New RG35XX+ H?

     A couple of days ago we learned the news that Anbernic is going to launch a new RG35XX, this time in Horizontal format and with the same specifications as the recently launched updated version RG35XX+ to which they have added an H in the name making clearly referring to the Horizontal version.
Just looking at the images reminds us of a previous Anbernic model like the 351P with two analog sticks, and seeing the potential that this console can have in the future it can be ideal for playing DreamCast, N64, PSP, and whatever comes with it. future CFW… Although obviously the form factor has changed, I see many possibilities for the system and there will be those who prefer the Horizontal version to the vertical version…
As it is presumably the same hardware as the new RG35XX+, all systems, cfw and customizations will be compatible with version H, so we will make room for it on our page

And here the fisrt video publised by Anbernic:

We are already saving to buy it…

Compact No ROMs Modified Stock Firmware for RG35XX Plus

Today Reddit user TomDuhamel has made things much easier for us by publishing the last 2 updates of the Anbernic stock firmware, without roms and compacted, making it easy to download and being able to use practically any SD card, not necessarily a 64GB one…
RG35XX Plus Stock Firmware – Compact and No ROMs – Dual SD card

These are modified versions of RG35XX Plus stock firmware images, for your convenience. I hope they are as useful for you as they are for me 🙂


All partitions have been shrinked to the smallest possible size, such that the total uncompressed image size is just under 5 GB. You can use any size microSD card.


The image contains a tiny, unusable ROM partition. Instead, this system is to be used with dual SD cards, in which the system is installed on the first card (TF1/INT) and all of your ROMs are installed on the second card (TF2/EXT). The system will only read your ROMs from the second card slot (TF2/EXT), and as such no menu will appear to ask which card to use.

You ROMs card must be of a valid format (FAT32 and exFAT are currently supported). The system will not attempt to format or fix the card if not valid — in this case it will simply show no ROMs at all. However, the full empty directory structure should be copied as usual if a valid blank card is inserted. This is not a dual boot system — any OS on the second card will be ignored.


You can download one of 2023-12-08 or 2023-12-12 firmware releases. The latest is the newest, and if you don’t have a reason not to, you should pick that one. However, a number of people have noticed some issues with that one, and therefore the previous version is also made available for your convenience. You really shouldn’t run any prior version, as the version that shipped with the Plus was missing a few systems and did not support the newer hardware features.

New RG35XX+ site

     In recent days we have been creating a twin and parallel web page to this one, so as not to mix and confuse users with firmwares, updates, downloads and other news.
Although from we will continue to report on both, the contents of the PLUS version, we will put them on the twin page to avoid confusion. Now available, although at the moment without much content from here: (and from the top menu bar in PLUS!)

1 Year of RG35XX.COM & More ROMSETS Added!

     1 year ago we launched this website after several days configuring and customizing it. (Since the same day of the launch of our beloved RG35XX console).
Many things have happened since that day, a large community of users from all over the world has been created around it, and from here we have tried to support and accommodate everything that time has allowed us. Unfortunately, nowadays everything goes much faster on Reddit or Discord, even through YouTube, but here from this humble page we have done everything we can in terms of facilitating the customization of the console and adding more functionalities with APPS. , and PORTS of games, as well as providing BIOS, ROMS and some other content that unfortunately is no longer available.

Thanks to the Crowfunding that we have been doing in recent months, we already have the successor, the RG35XX Plus, and we have not yet had much time to use it, although we can say out loud that the update has been worth it in several aspects, although it is still We are waiting for some Custom Firmware that will improve it even more as already happened with our beloved RG35XX.
We have been trying to create a parallel website for several days to try not to mix the information from the PLUS and the NORMAL, but without much success at the moment, and meanwhile Anbernic itself has already released several software updates, which improve several things. (We leave you links to the updates in our Firmware section).

We have added some more Romsets to our Bios & Roms section, check it!

1 Year of RG35XX

     Today, December 9, 2023, marks one year since the launch of the Anbernic portable retro console, model RG35XX.

Throughout this year, we have been able to verify several things, among which I want to highlight and summarize very briefly in this entry:

– The stock operating system leaves a lot to be desired, it contains many bugs and errors that can be improved, such as the appearance and size of the resolution of the games, few emulators, etc.
– In less than a week after its launch, the developer Black Seraph shows us RetroArch running on the console and gives us hope that the operating system can be improved.
– The same day that I learned that the development of new operating systems for the console had begun, this website was launched,, which you know very well…
– Before the end of 2022, Black Seraph launches GarlicOs, the new operating system based on RetroArch, with several improvements and additions, and possibilities for customizing the console.
Adixal, offers us a version of GarlicOs without graphical environment, based solely on RetroArch called MustardOs, (which over time will be renamed to MuOS)
– After several updates of GarlicOS, we began to be able to enjoy PORTS such asDOOM, to which more will be added in the future.
– From we offer Bootlogos and Themes to personalize the console, and the possibility for page users to send us theirs to share with others.
Black Seraph, offers us MKV video playback 640×480 on the console, with subtitles and fast forward.
Shaun Inman, launches a version of his well-known System Operating MinUi fully functional for the console, becoming the fourth operating system available for it.
XQuader, brings us the long-awaited GMU Music player, to be able to listen to various music formats on the console, as if it were an iPod. The development of APPS for the console begins…
AcmePlus, surprises us with a functional version of Batoceraand unlocking the console’s GPU offering more processing power.
– The tireless work of XQuader, JoeStaff, Aveferrum, eggs, budtherooster, continue to offer us PORTS and APPS for the console.
AcmePlus, continues its development of CFW, moving from Batocera to Koriki, which gives better performance on the console.
Anbernic, launches an update of its operating system in collaboration with Black Seraph, making the DUAL operating system, being able to use the Stock or GarlicOS easily!
– Rumors arise of a possible update of the console with Wifi, Bluettoth and a better processor, possibly called RG35XX+
– A Crowfunding campaign begins to purchase the new update of the RG35XX+ console for the page and to continue offering content for it.
XQuader, continues to improve APPS and PORTS, and brings us a much improved version of the Video player, now using FFPlay, Prince of Persia or EasyRPG among others…
– DraStic in Nintendo DS emulator makes its appearance for the console thanks to XQuader, which revolutionizes the console again, allowing you to play more games.
AcmePlus, launches its version 1.0 of Koriki.
– Finally the announcement is made official that the RG35XX will have an update called RG35XX plus!.
Black Seraph shows us GarlicOs 2.0 for RG35XX Plus, although it is still in the Alpha phase and does not have its full potential.
– On November 25, 2023, the new Anbernic RG35XX Plus is launched. (And we managed to complete the Crowfunding and order one that is already on its way).

Thank you for being here and being part of the RG35XX community!

Website updates

     Hello! Thanks for staying here! Lately I’ve been very busy with my work and I have little time to spend with Reddit, Discord and others…
Thanks to Gabi_90 our collaborator, who gives me a hand updating me.

The TV section where we had TV series and programs or some movies has been eliminated. For copyright reasons, they closed the account where we had everything stored and we unfortunately considered it lost. In a next section that we will create Tutorials we will explain how to do your own conversions so that you can do it for yourself.

The WIKI has also been eliminated, which gave us some headaches to build it and which in the end was left open for people to collaborate and my hosting provider disabled because it had been vandalized and full of SPAM with links to drug pages and others. drugs… REGRETTABLE!

The upload of Boot Screens, Themes, Battery charge and others had to be stopped due to misuse of it as well, it is a shame that people do not behave and make good use of the things that are offered, and also FREE, I don’t understand. I know that many of you want to send your creations but you can’t or they are sent and no one reviews them. Sorry, we’ll try to fix this shortly.

Security has also been added to users who register on the page, since someone has maliciously tried to hack the page on some occasions through attacks on the page’s registration. Luckily we have managed to avoid it, although with the help of our hosting provider. Some fan who is too much of a Miyoo Mini fan who tried to annoy us. (We received a message that said in English: “It will never be better than an Onion”, presumably referring to the Miyoo operating system. I did not save a screenshot of it, since I never thought about making it public)

Regarding the famous “Spanish Romset” by Gabi_90 that you ask us so much about, it is almost ready for us to publish it again, and we are creating a mirror in case there are problems again. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Finally, I am creating new pages and sections to separate everything new for the PLUS version so that it does not mix and confuse users of the Original RG35XX. You will soon be able to see it, our PLUS must be here soon…

At the moment we already have the PLUS Stock Firmware available in our Firmware section.

Greetings from TechnopodMan and Gabi_90, Thank you for your support!


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