DOOM MEGA PACK!! (Updated)

     A few days ago the developer Budtherooster contacted me once again to inform me that he had a MEGA PACK of DOOM Wads ready to add to the port and be able to play them. There are more than 200 wads that occupy just over 3GB unzipped, and although we have tried, we have not been able to test all of them, but we are convinced that they work like a charm and that they will make you enjoy many more hours of gaming.
It is set up for use with GarlicOs 1.4.9 (although it could work from 1.3.5, we have not tested it) and DOOM appears as a system, inside are all the maps to be able to select and play them.

Update: Thnk’s to a Anonymous user, now we have de images for the Mega-Pack. Download it too!

Here is a list of everything that this MEGA PACK includes:

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