Changes in the latest version of GarlicOs 1.3.5

The latest version of the GarlicOs Custom Firmware, version 1.3.5, contains a substantial improvement in the system and with RetroArch, but on the other hand makes it incompatible with other things, which developers will have to solve in Ports and Apps. This is what the changelog indicates:

– The gamepad driver has been rewritten from scratch and now acts like a proper XInput gamepad (this fixes the double-keyboard input issue in all keyboard-based cores, the RA search dialog and several other RA text input menu points but will break ports & apps with hardcoded gamepad mappings, because of this, a mirror of version 1.3.4 will be kept up for a month to give port and app developers time to adapt to these changes).

For his part, the XQuader Developer has already done his homework, and has updated all his Ports and Apps to make them compatible with this latest version, so if you have already updated to GarlicOs 1.3.5, you should also update these Ports and Apps to continue to function as before.

Weekend updates…

With a little time, I have taken the opportunity to catch up with all the Themes and Boot Logos that you send to the page.

16 new Boot Logos are already available for download.

And throughout today, we will add several new themes for download. 6 12 new GarlicOs Themes available for download.
(And anothe 6 waiting to add languages missing, maybe tomorrow)

Thank you for your support and for sharing with others!

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Batocera Lite keeps getting better…

The latest Batocera Lite update for the RG35XX is now available thanks to the developer Acmeplus, and you can download it from their github: 3-P5P0JRWBZ.

Although there are still many things that do not work, many others have already been corrected, and thanks to the unlocked GPU, and other memory adjustments, things have improved a lot. To such an extent that they are watching videos of users who are already testing Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and Playstation Portable games!!; Logically, the titles that it can run are the lightest and easiest to emulate, but it’s great news for everyone to see what our little console is capable of…

Batocera Lite it’s Ready for Testing…

The first alpha release of Batocera Lite for the RG35XX is here for testing. Note that this version has limited Batocera functionality, but should be functional enough for testing.


  • First batocera lite build
  • Power button now works (although it may restart in some cases)
  • Volume controls work
  • Brightness controls work with¬†MENU¬†+¬†Volume +/Volume –
  • It’s possible to switch to RetroArch boot (instead of emulationstation) by adding a file named startRA at the top of the second sdcard. Remove the file to boot again into EmulationStation.

Note: there’s an issue impacting some models that leaves the haptic motor running. In some cases removing the sdcard, resetting, inserting the sdcard and resetting solves the problem temporarily.

Download and release notes: rg35xx_batocera_lite_alpha_v0.2

Report bugs here and provide feedback on the official page of acmeplus.

Batocera on RG35XX & GPU Unlocked!!

¬†¬†¬†¬† After updating some themes, preparing the wiki for the website, and publishing the entry about the GMU music player, before going to sleep, reviewing the conversations on Reddit and Discord, I come across the news that gives this title entrance. The user ACMEPLUS, shows us on his twitter, images of Batocera running on the RG35XX and as if that were not enough, he informs us that the console’s GPU has been unlocked! I don’t know if it makes me more excited to know that Batocera is going to work on the RG35XX or that the GPU has been unlocked, which means that the power of the console is going to increase exponentially…

GMU Music Player

     One of the things that crossed my mind the most when I had the RG35XX in my hands was the idea of being able to also use it to play music, just like I already did with my Miyoo Q20 Mini, in which I used the GMU application, which Today I present to you thanks to the help of the user XQuader, who has compiled the version for Anbernic and to whom I am eternally grateful.

¬†¬†¬†¬† The application allows you to use various formats, among which are FLAC, MP3, OGG… and has many options to display the information on the screen, as well as to display the cover, or an equalization spectrum. You can manage your own playlists, random playback, and anyway, almost everything you can ask of a music player.

     One of the best features it has is being able to turn off the screen and lock the buttons to be able to carry it in a pocket and not worry about the playback being interrupted.

¬†¬†¬†¬† To be able to use it, you just have to copy the files to the GarlicOs APPS folder, in ROMS and create the Media folder on your SDCARD and fill it with the files you want to play. (Although you can also create the folder where you want and call it whatever you want, and access it and the files it contains thanks to the application’s browser).

     Download the application from our APPS page for GarlicOs.

MinUi available now for RG35XX

     The new Custom Firmware, also based on Retroarch, is called MinUi, and it already had its version on other consoles like the Miyoo Mini, and now we can enjoy it on our consoles.

It is based on simplicity above all, without overloading the view with too many images or themes, and that is focused on the emulation of desktop and portable consoles, leaving out arcade machines, computer-based systems and others… It has a Tools option, where we can have installed useful applications that are being developed.

The development of this CFW is carried out by Shaun Inman, and you can get it from our Firmwares page.


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