MyFinUI, a new Fork of MinUI

     After the stoppage of MinUI and FinUI development, another Fork appears, which continues to improve this Custom Firmware, adding new features where others left off…
These are the notes that its developer Turro75 leaves us about the changes and news that its version brings:

  1. added Retroarch 1.14 as alternative libretro frontend for cores it has the same video filters available on garlicos.
  2. added prboom libretro core (Doom), it works only with retroarch as libretro frontend
  3. added puae2021 libretro core (Amiga), not really tested, expect issues, please report
  4. added FinalBurnNeo libretro core, it works surprisingly well on some arcade game which are slow on other OS, use an FBNeo romset as many 0.78 roms (mame2003+) don’t work well.
  5. replaced dinguxcommander with the garlicos version (source which has more features
  6. added input tester (source latest MinUI)
  7. reduced footprint of the docker toolchain from 4.5GB down to 1.5GB.
  8. the power button now perform a shutdown as garlicos 1.4.9 does instead of standby
  9. various improvements on makefiles
  10. to use retroarch instead of minarch just copy to the ROMS/Extras/Emus/xxxx.pak the from ROMS/Extras/Emus/Doom.pak then set the right core name and the cpu speed required

Here and from our Firmwares section You can download the install package, please refer to MinUI/FinUI docs to proper install it

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