DOOM MEGA PACK!! (Updated)

     A few days ago the developer Budtherooster contacted me once again to inform me that he had a MEGA PACK of DOOM Wads ready to add to the port and be able to play them. There are more than 200 wads that occupy just over 3GB unzipped, and although we have tried, we have not been able to test all of them, but we are convinced that they work like a charm and that they will make you enjoy many more hours of gaming.
It is set up for use with GarlicOs 1.4.9 (although it could work from 1.3.5, we have not tested it) and DOOM appears as a system, inside are all the maps to be able to select and play them.

Update: Thnk’s to a Anonymous user, now we have de images for the Mega-Pack. Download it too!

Here is a list of everything that this MEGA PACK includes:

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New RG35XX+ H?

     A couple of days ago we learned the news that Anbernic is going to launch a new RG35XX, this time in Horizontal format and with the same specifications as the recently launched updated version RG35XX+ to which they have added an H in the name making clearly referring to the Horizontal version.
Just looking at the images reminds us of a previous Anbernic model like the 351P with two analog sticks, and seeing the potential that this console can have in the future it can be ideal for playing DreamCast, N64, PSP, and whatever comes with it. future CFW… Although obviously the form factor has changed, I see many possibilities for the system and there will be those who prefer the Horizontal version to the vertical version…
As it is presumably the same hardware as the new RG35XX+, all systems, cfw and customizations will be compatible with version H, so we will make room for it on our page

And here the fisrt video publised by Anbernic:

We are already saving to buy it…

New RG35XX+ site

     In recent days we have been creating a twin and parallel web page to this one, so as not to mix and confuse users with firmwares, updates, downloads and other news.
Although from we will continue to report on both, the contents of the PLUS version, we will put them on the twin page to avoid confusion. Now available, although at the moment without much content from here: (and from the top menu bar in PLUS!)

1 Year of RG35XX.COM & More ROMSETS Added!

     1 year ago we launched this website after several days configuring and customizing it. (Since the same day of the launch of our beloved RG35XX console).
Many things have happened since that day, a large community of users from all over the world has been created around it, and from here we have tried to support and accommodate everything that time has allowed us. Unfortunately, nowadays everything goes much faster on Reddit or Discord, even through YouTube, but here from this humble page we have done everything we can in terms of facilitating the customization of the console and adding more functionalities with APPS. , and PORTS of games, as well as providing BIOS, ROMS and some other content that unfortunately is no longer available.

Thanks to the Crowfunding that we have been doing in recent months, we already have the successor, the RG35XX Plus, and we have not yet had much time to use it, although we can say out loud that the update has been worth it in several aspects, although it is still We are waiting for some Custom Firmware that will improve it even more as already happened with our beloved RG35XX.
We have been trying to create a parallel website for several days to try not to mix the information from the PLUS and the NORMAL, but without much success at the moment, and meanwhile Anbernic itself has already released several software updates, which improve several things. (We leave you links to the updates in our Firmware section).

We have added some more Romsets to our Bios & Roms section, check it!

GarlicOS 2.0 for RG35XX+

On November 14, Black Seraph, the developer of the famous GarlicOs Custom Firmware, learned of the existence of its version 2.0 for several Anbernic consoles, and although in the photo we saw an RG35XX, this version was not available for it.

Yesterday, just a few hours before the launch of the new RG35XX+ Black Seraph through its X account (formerly Twitter), we learned that we would have GarlicOs 2.0 for the new console from day one! (and it is now that we suspect that the RG35XX seen in the photo could be a Plus…
You have more information from his Patreon account and how to download the new Bootloader, although we will publish it as always here…

Koriki 1.0 Available!

It’s been about 3 days now that we have available the long-awaited version 1.0 of Koriki for RG35XX developed by acmeplus, which offers many new features and that we are looking forward to trying…

Change log:

  • Synchronized code base to batocera devel (V39)
  • Updated all cores to the latest versions
  • Updated all standalone emulators (PPSSPP, flycast, etc)
  • Added shutdown after removing power cable during charging
  • Added initial suspend mode (low enery userspace mode, not kernel based, not hibernation): Short press Power button to enter/exit suspend mode
  • Added shutdown shortcut: press volume+ + Power button for shutdown
  • Brightness level is now saved
  • All hardware revisions should work without requiring bootfixes
  • Added new theme (Airon Theme) Thanks @SzalikDesigns!
  • Added stylus support for NDS (R2 + DPAD for movement, R2 + A to click)
  • Ports:
    • Added VVVVVV port
    • Added back SpaceCadet port
    • @JohnnyonFlame ports (MalditaCastilla, Spelunky, CurseOfIssyos, ShovelKnight) should now work and exit correctly
    • Updated OpenBOR versions, default is now 6510
    • Added additional ports/emulators: Amiberry, OpenJazz, CDOGS, ECWOLF, eDuke32, Fallout 1 & 2, Fury, OpenTyrian, Simcoupe, etc. Note that all these require data file, refer to batocera pages for those ports for information about required data files
  • Other changes:
    • ODCommander keys are now working
    • OpenBOR default keys configured
    • Updated default PPSSPP standalone mappings (thanks @s1eepy)

You can download this latest version from here:

NDS Emulator Updated!

XQuader has updated its version of the Nintendo DS DraStic emulator for the GarlicOs and MinUi custom firmwares, with many improvements!
Here is the changelog for the current version:

– October 18, 2023:
1) Fixed screen tearing (sort of, still not perfect, replace “.directfbrc” with “.directfbrc_old” in case you won’t like the way it works now);
2) Fixed menu rendering;
3) Fixed HDMI-out on Garlic OS (hot-plug is supported);
4) Fixed performance issues on MinUI;
5) Fixed stylus movement (now it can be rolled in all directions without releasing the D-Pad);
6) Added stylus speed control (L1/R1 to decrease/increase stylus speed, 10 levels of speed, 2 is the default)
1) Fix remaining v-sync issues;
2) Add multiple screen modes/layouts and overlays support.

Available from the XQuader blog here:


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