Theme Switcher Mod for GarlicOS Tutorial

Before starting the tutorial, it is important to have the GarlicOs Custom Firmware updated to its latest version, currently 1.4.7, and download again all the themes that you like and delete the ones you had previously, since they have all been optimized to avoid system delays, and various bugs have been fixed in them, as well as missing languages have been added.

If you have already done this, now you must download the latest version of the Mod Theme Switcher from our Mods for GarlicOs section.

When you unzip the .zip file, in the folder you will find several subfolders. If you are going to install the themes and icons on SD Card 1, we will use the TF1 folder from now on, but if you are going to install the themes and icons on SD Card 2 , we will use the TF2 folder.

Within the folder that we are going to use we will find another 3 folders with the necessary files.
Let’s start with the SDCARD folder, inside this we are going to find another 2 folders called Icons and Themes, we will copy these 2 folders to the root of the ROMS partition (Or whatever we have called the partition where we have our roms).
Now we will continue with the ROMS folder, inside this we will find another 2 folders called ICONS and THEMES, we will copy these 2 folders into the ROMS folder, where we have the rest of the folders of our roms, videos, apps…
And to finish with the installation of the MOD, we must access the CFW/config folder of our card, and edit the coremapping.json file with a text editor and add 2 lines of code and save the file. These 2 lines of code are located in the CFW/config folder in the coremapping-add.json file of our mod. (Remember to add a , to the last existing line in the file before copying these 2 lines there).

Once the installation and configuration of the MOD is finished, we can copy our files of Themes and Icons that we want. For this we are going to need to copy our theme folders into the Themes and Icons folders that we copied to the root of our card. (Keep in mind that some themes have different folder structures and some additions, but we are only going to need the folders: font, lang and skin to work correctly with our mod. And for the icons the system folder.)

When we have already copied our Themes and Icons, we need to create the lists that we will use later to be able to change the theme or icons at will. This is created automatically by entering from GarlicOs to Consoles and selecting Themes or Icons, and there we will find —Update Themes List— or —Update Icons List—.

With this we would already have our Themes and Icons available to be able to change them whenever we want.

And if you also want to add a preview of the themes and icons, you must follow the following additional steps:
We need to create the Imgs folder inside ROMS/THEMES and ROMS/ICONS. Then we must copy there all the files with the_theme_name.png or the_icon_name.png that you can find inside the imgs folders of your downloaded Themes or Icons. (And once you have all of them, remember to make a backup copy of this Imgs folder, because if you do a —Update— of Themes or Icons again, it will be deleted and you will have to create it again! !)

Note: When you change the Theme, the icons are also changed by the ones in the theme, so if you had other favorites, you will have to change the icons again after the theme.

I hope you are able to do it, and that you enjoy your Themes and Icons!!

Themes Selector for GarlicOs! (Updated to V2)

Finally we can change the theme from the console itself without having to remove the card and insert it into the computer, overwrite the theme we had and put the new one.
Reddit User Standard-Pepper-6510 surprised us today with the long-awaited news of the release of this GarlicOs mod.
Here we leave you the video that he has published where we can see the mod in operation with themes downloaded from our page, RG35XX.COM and also the system icon packs!

Soon we will have a new section of Mods for GarlicOs, where we will include this and other modifications, as well as instructions on how to use them.

MuOs News Updates and More…

Adixal, the developer creator of the MuOs custom firmware based on RetroArch, continues with his updates, and in the last one that he presents to us, he includes many new features, such as the possibility of updating the operating system from the console itself with an Update.7z file, expand the SD card, startup sound, animated startup logo and several other very interesting things.
In addition to this, he has created a Mod for GarlicOs Animated Boot, Sound and Vibration. You can download it from here, but remember to read the README file carefully as it has important information about it.
And as if that were not enough, Adixal has created a compilation file with many versions of Firmwares, Utilities, etc… Access from here!

We have also added to the Bios & Roms section, a new Best Set, in case you are interested in trying it 😉

Oh!! I forgot it!! There are too many things already… All the Ports have already been updated and compatible with the latest version of GarlicOs, so we recommend you update the Custom Firmware and download the new versions of the Ports.

Recent News!

We bring some news and recent news for our beloved Retro portable console:
– The GarlicOs Custom Firmware does not stop debugging errors and every time it works better and more compatible with new board versions.
– The MuOs Custom Firmware, based on RetroArch, has also had recent updates, and you can now expand the space on the card directly from the Firmware.
– The Batocera Lite is not far behind either and brings us interesting news, such as Wi-Fi compatibility (with the help of an external adapter) with all that this entails.
– The XQuader Developer has prepared a Pack with 11 versions of DOOM available, which while we add to our Ports page, you can download directly > from here <; In addition, and as if that were not enough, he has updated his downloads of Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Quake adding more and more playable versions. If you already had them, I recommend that you download them again since now they are much more complete! You can do it from our PORTS section.
– For our part, we have added and repaired several Boot Logos, and we continue to Optimize the themes so that they work more smoothly in GarlicOs, although we will notify you when they are all uploaded again, and we will also add all the ones that you have sent us but that we have not yet had time to try.

Pending things…

First of all I want to send a greeting to the EOL community, I know they read us, (I read you too!)

As I have already commented on some occasion, this community that has formed on Reddit and Discord around this console is causing many things to appear about it on a daily basis; Firmware updates almost daily, Themes, Apps, Boot Screen, and more!

From RG35XX.COM we try to keep up to date and report on everything we see as the most relevant, but for us this is a hobby and we dedicate just a little while each day, and sometimes we don’t have time for more, but little by little we are updating everything. Now we have a few days off in Spain, my country, and I will take the opportunity to catch up with the themes and boot logos that you have been sending us, as well as optimizing the existing ones.

We are also going to create a guide with the necessary adjustments in RetroArch to be able to enjoy each CORE as faithful to the original console that we are emulating whenever possible, since many people are tired of making changes in configurations here and there once and again and what they really want is to PLAY and not fidget so much. We are going to try to make it easy so that you only have to do it once!

And meanwhile, for the most gamers, we leave you here links for a couple of interesting things:No introduction is needed, an impressive collection of games thanks to EBZero and that we have added to our Bios and Roms section.

We also leave you a RomHack that is very fashionable lately for the MedaDrive/Genesis console, since unfortunately we cannot use the official version on the RG35XX, but it will delight fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (Ninja Turtles) :
Also available in our Bios and Roms section.

More Updates…

Since the last update of the site we have had problems to edit the tables and files, but we have already solved it.

In this short period of time, GarlicOs has received 4 more updates, with several changes, and the developers have been updating their APPS and PORTS, to continue making them compatible.
XQuader and eggs have notified us and provided the updates that you already have available, and we have added a column in which to view the compatible versions.
JoeStaff brings us another Port, from the mythical Jazz Jackrabbit, for which we will need to have the game’s installation files, but surely they are on… 😉

In addition, we are filling the TV section with content with RETRO series that we are converting to be able to enjoy them on our console and that we take advantage of to share with all of you. (They are our personal taste, but you still like them or coincide with yours).

We will continue to add themes, and update existing ones for better compatibility and performance.


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