MinUI / FinUI / MyFinUI

MinUi is a lightweight Custom Firmware, developed by Shauninman, with a low impact on the graphical environment, fast and easy to use without having to make adjustments here or there, since it comes preconfigured to use with most emulators available. It is focused more on the emulation of portable consoles, and some Arcade emulators and the possibility of playing Ports are missing, but some developers are already creating Mods and Applications to complement this great Custom Firmware.
You can see more information and download the latest version from its official page.

FinUI is a Fork, based on MinUI, that seems to have been abandoned by its developer, at least for the RG35XX, or considered completed and no longer receives updates since November 10, 2023. This Fork continues the work and adds new functionalities, although the latest version dates back to October 2023, the developer continues to make changes, which we can see in a next update. You can follow his work from his github.

MyFinUI is a new Fork also based on MinUI, according to its author Turro75 has added more functions to FinUI, and has just released its first version of this Fork. You can download it from their github


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