1 Year of RG35XX.COM & More ROMSETS Added!

     1 year ago we launched this website after several days configuring and customizing it. (Since the same day of the launch of our beloved RG35XX console).
Many things have happened since that day, a large community of users from all over the world has been created around it, and from here we have tried to support and accommodate everything that time has allowed us. Unfortunately, nowadays everything goes much faster on Reddit or Discord, even through YouTube, but here from this humble page we have done everything we can in terms of facilitating the customization of the console and adding more functionalities with APPS. , and PORTS of games, as well as providing BIOS, ROMS and some other content that unfortunately is no longer available.

Thanks to the Crowfunding that we have been doing in recent months, we already have the successor, the RG35XX Plus, and we have not yet had much time to use it, although we can say out loud that the update has been worth it in several aspects, although it is still We are waiting for some Custom Firmware that will improve it even more as already happened with our beloved RG35XX.
We have been trying to create a parallel website for several days to try not to mix the information from the PLUS and the NORMAL, but without much success at the moment, and meanwhile Anbernic itself has already released several software updates, which improve several things. (We leave you links to the updates in our Firmware section).

We have added some more Romsets to our Bios & Roms section, check it!

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