RG35XX GarlicOs Guide by RetroGameCorps

RetroGameCorps is a very important source of information in the world of Retro emulator Handhelds. Its creator, Rus, reviews all the new systems that appear on the market on his YouTube channel of which we are loyal subscribers, RetroGameCorps. In addition, at the same time, he creates guides on his website where you can find much more information and tutorials on all these retro consoles, and he updates them quite often.

     Today he has made an update on his GarlicOs Guide for the RG35XX, and we have been pleasantly surprised to find ourselves forming part of his guide, in the Skins and Themes section for this Custom Firmware. We recommend that if you still need more information, take a look at its guide, which is one of the best you can find:https://retrogamecorps.com/2023/01/03/anbernic-rg35xx-starter-guide/

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