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We bring some news and recent news for our beloved Retro portable console:
– The GarlicOs Custom Firmware does not stop debugging errors and every time it works better and more compatible with new board versions.
– The MuOs Custom Firmware, based on RetroArch, has also had recent updates, and you can now expand the space on the card directly from the Firmware.
– The Batocera Lite is not far behind either and brings us interesting news, such as Wi-Fi compatibility (with the help of an external adapter) with all that this entails.
– The XQuader Developer has prepared a Pack with 11 versions of DOOM available, which while we add to our Ports page, you can download directly > from here <; In addition, and as if that were not enough, he has updated his downloads of Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Quake adding more and more playable versions. If you already had them, I recommend that you download them again since now they are much more complete! You can do it from our PORTS section.
– For our part, we have added and repaired several Boot Logos, and we continue to Optimize the themes so that they work more smoothly in GarlicOs, although we will notify you when they are all uploaded again, and we will also add all the ones that you have sent us but that we have not yet had time to try.

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  1. Hey, put the DOOM folder in ROMs folder on my SD card. All of them show up correctly with box art, but none of them launch. Did i do something wrong?

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