16 Themes Updated

Today, thanks to a comment on a Reddit post, we discovered that some themes were not working correctly with RetroArch, as there was no Oswald font in the “font” folder inside “skin”. We’ve gone through all the themes again, and found 16 that didn’t have this font, so we’ve updated them. If you had any of these themes downloaded and they didn’t work correctly with RetroArch, you can download them again, and we hope that this time we have solved that problem!

Updated Themes:- CatOs
– Dreamsicle
– Garlic Fusion
– Garlic MinUified
– Minimal Dungeon
– Minui Garlicos
– Monoscreen Dark
– Monoscreen Light
– Moving Dungeon
– P535XX
– Pip-Boy
– Salad Edition
– Super Playboy
– Super Playboy 2

One Comment

  1. Hello, Admin!

    I’ve created simple overlays for Nintendo consoles to maximize used screen space with correct aspect ratios and posted them over on reddit.
    Is there any way I can post them here on the website too, for everyone to use?

    I believe this would count under Mods for Garlic OS.

    Let me know if that’s possible and what I should do to make that happen.

    Thank you!

    Link to my original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/RG35XX/comments/13epj0i/i_made_simple_overlays_for_nintendo_consoles_to/

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