Koriki on the RG35XX

After a few days of necessary relax, (although I have continued preparing some things), we return to the load with the news for our beloved emulator console.

It’s been a while since we have any news about Black Seraph’s Garlic operating system, we want to believe that it is preparing an update to make it Open Source so that people can develop the system, but it’s all a mystery…

On the other hand Adixal, the developer of MuOS, has made many updates and many new features is its operating system based on RetroArch. It includes more and more options to its minimalist system that helps us change the time, date, expand partitions and many more things… Don’t forget to take a look at it or maybe try its operating system that more and more people are using! >>HERE<<

We have also been able to see these days a MinUi Fork, called FinUI that adds some new options, you can take a look if you are interested >> HERE <<

And while I was writing this post, I got the notification of a new version/Fork of Koriki for RG35XX, 0.6 (we were at 0.5 while writing the news) by acmeplus who was developing his version of Batocera but has left it parked for requiring too many resources to function satisfactorily.
Now focused on this version, much lighter that works wonderfully, and that several developers are polishing in collaboration. If you want to try it you can download the latest version from >>HERE<<

Also: Soon we will update our Retro TV section with much more content, and we will update ourselves with the themes, boot logos and others that you have been sending us…


  1. looks interesting. but the UI is not so pleasuring with these heavy fonts mixed with the tiny fonts of the RetroArch UI. hope that Black Seraph is still active cause GarlicOS is a very promising and light foundation. Batocera is cool but way to heavy for a device like this. and wifi function maybe broken or the firmware does not contains the driver cause i have a Realtek 8188 based wifi and it’s not working. other actual OSs are weird.

    1. Hello, your comment was not deleted, but it was not approved until now. We moderate everything to prevent SPAM, we receive more than 1000 SPAM comments daily…
      Your comments are now available on the web, regards

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