Another New Video Player (and Better!) [UPDATED AGAIN!!]

     After several days of testing and exchanging feedback with the developer XQuader, today we have another New Video Player for our RG35XX, but this time Improved!!
It uses the latest version of the codecs available to date, includes text on the screen, so we can have subtitles, in addition to the improvements already achieved with the previous player that it brought us, such as fast forward, fast backward and so on… You could say that this is the call to be the Definitive Video Player!
You already have it available on our Apps page for GarlicOS, under the name of MPlayer. Enjoy watching your videos with better quality thanks to XQuader!

Update: Please download again to use the new features

– July 27, 2023:
1) Menu support was added (Menu + X), it gives access to file selector and some settings;
2) Pause state will preserve on any commands (previously almost any button press resumed the video);
3) Fixed volume keys issue (now you can hold them to continuously change volume/brightness)
4) *.m3u playlist support was added, you can put your series in a subfolder and make a playlist.

– July 29, 2023:
1) Fixed file selector (“Open …” and “Open playlist …” in the menu).
The initial directory will be the directory of the current video file/playlist (e.g. “Roms/VIDEOS”), and it will show the last viewed directory if you open the file selector again.

– August 7, 2023:
1) Added support to resume playback from the last saved position, enabled by default. Set “save-position=no” in line 54 of the “./mplayer/config” file if you want to turn it off. Playback time in seconds is saved to the “resume” subfolder, e.g. if you watching “RomsSdCard:/Roms/VIDEOS/video1.mkv”, it will create “RomsSdCard:/Roms/VIDEOS/resume/video1.mkv.resume”

– August 8, 2023:
1) Added support to preserve volume level between sessions, enabled by default. Set “save-volume=no” in line 50 of the “./mplayer/config” file if you want to turn it off.

– August 13, 2023:

1) Fixed wrong playback speed for video files with mono audio streams.


  1. thank you for your feedback. i have tried several times as per the instruction.
    Ffplay is working but Mplayer is not working. anyway, thanks

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