NDS Emulator Updated!

XQuader has updated its version of the Nintendo DS DraStic emulator for the GarlicOs and MinUi custom firmwares, with many improvements!
Here is the changelog for the current version:

– October 18, 2023:
1) Fixed screen tearing (sort of, still not perfect, replace “.directfbrc” with “.directfbrc_old” in case you won’t like the way it works now);
2) Fixed menu rendering;
3) Fixed HDMI-out on Garlic OS (hot-plug is supported);
4) Fixed performance issues on MinUI;
5) Fixed stylus movement (now it can be rolled in all directions without releasing the D-Pad);
6) Added stylus speed control (L1/R1 to decrease/increase stylus speed, 10 levels of speed, 2 is the default)
1) Fix remaining v-sync issues;
2) Add multiple screen modes/layouts and overlays support.

Available from the XQuader blog here: https://boosty.to/xquader/posts/47360a44-633c-4cbe-892f-46930c9f7b9f?share=post_link

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