Batocera Lite it’s Ready for Testing…

The first alpha release of Batocera Lite for the RG35XX is here for testing. Note that this version has limited Batocera functionality, but should be functional enough for testing.


  • First batocera lite build
  • Power button now works (although it may restart in some cases)
  • Volume controls work
  • Brightness controls work with MENU + Volume +/Volume –
  • It’s possible to switch to RetroArch boot (instead of emulationstation) by adding a file named startRA at the top of the second sdcard. Remove the file to boot again into EmulationStation.

Note: there’s an issue impacting some models that leaves the haptic motor running. In some cases removing the sdcard, resetting, inserting the sdcard and resetting solves the problem temporarily.

Download and release notes: rg35xx_batocera_lite_alpha_v0.2

Report bugs here and provide feedback on the official page of acmeplus.


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