Batocera Lite it’s Ready for Testing…

The first alpha release of Batocera Lite for the RG35XX is here for testing. Note that this version has limited Batocera functionality, but should be functional enough for testing.


  • First batocera lite build
  • Power button now works (although it may restart in some cases)
  • Volume controls work
  • Brightness controls work with MENU + Volume +/Volume –
  • It’s possible to switch to RetroArch boot (instead of emulationstation) by adding a file named startRA at the top of the second sdcard. Remove the file to boot again into EmulationStation.

Note: there’s an issue impacting some models that leaves the haptic motor running. In some cases removing the sdcard, resetting, inserting the sdcard and resetting solves the problem temporarily.

Download and release notes: rg35xx_batocera_lite_alpha_v0.2

Report bugs here and provide feedback on the official page of acmeplus.

Official Firmware Update (And Backups)

     Last night we discovered that there was already a new software update from the official page, dated 12-12-2022, but the download link did not work, and as it was already late we left it to try again today.
     When entering the firmware download page again, we have found a new update, dated 12-23-2022, and the link works correctly, so we will try to download it and test it, making a backup copy of the original that bring, in case something doesn’t go well…

     Here we leave you the download link in case you want to try it now, we will do it shortly and we will tell you what we have found:

     We have also made a backup in our MEGA account:

     And in case anyone needs the one that originally brought the console:


2022-12-23 RG35XX software update V1.20221223

1. Slot 2 card can identify the background images and themes in the Skin folder.
Images called by numbers 0-19 are needed in the hdmi and lcd directories. (such as 0.jpg)

2. PS1 BIOSes can be added to your folder on card 1 or card 2.

3. Added subfolders to ROMS.

4. The collection has increased to 300.

5. The saves of each platform will now be in save of each platform.

6. Vertical arcade games (like 1941 and others) have a new function button, the Y.

7. Now you can change discs on PS1.

8. GBA, GB, GBC, FC have scaling and overlay function.

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