The RG35XX Handheld

This is the RG35XX that this entire page is based on.
It is a Retro game emulator handheld, capable of running various systems from 8bit to 32bit.
With it you can play several thousand games from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 1 without any problem.
All this with an operating system based on Linux, quite simple, which we hope will be customized like other consoles of the brand, and which we will test, teach and facilitate here.
Brand that we have not yet named and that we cannot see on the console as it happens with other models.

one of the best known in the world of Chinese emulator handhelds, for its quality and reliability.
This new handheld, which went on sale on December 9, 2022, is a model commonly called an introductory model, since it is limited in terms of power, amount of memory or the number of systems that it can emulate, but that sometimes more than one can be more than enough.
The handheld does not have an analog joystick, only the traditional D-pad, although we do have 4 rear triggers, L,R,L2,R2, and 4 A,B,X,Y buttons. It also has Select and Start, as well as a Menu button that allows us to access saved games, settings, etc.
Although its speaker is MONO, it has a 3.5mm STEREO minijack output to connect headphones. It also has a MiniHDMI output to connect to any screen via HDMI.
It can be recharged via a USB-C cable and has 2 MicroSD slots, one for the operating system and another to expand the memory with games.
It is available in 3 colors, this one in the image that imitates the Original Gameboy (DMG), another Transparent and a third in Transparent Purple.
Specifications Here.


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