Themes Selector for GarlicOs! (Updated to V2)

Finally we can change the theme from the console itself without having to remove the card and insert it into the computer, overwrite the theme we had and put the new one.
Reddit User Standard-Pepper-6510 surprised us today with the long-awaited news of the release of this GarlicOs mod.
Here we leave you the video that he has published where we can see the mod in operation with themes downloaded from our page, RG35XX.COM and also the system icon packs!

Soon we will have a new section of Mods for GarlicOs, where we will include this and other modifications, as well as instructions on how to use them.


  1. After following instruction for multi theme installation i tried them one bye one ans was sucessfull. Laser one tried crash and il note able anymore to acess garlicos only bootsceen then completely stuck on black screen. Any idea how to fix?

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