Theme Switcher Mod for GarlicOS Tutorial

Before starting the tutorial, it is important to have the GarlicOs Custom Firmware updated to its latest version, currently 1.4.7, and download again all the themes that you like and delete the ones you had previously, since they have all been optimized to avoid system delays, and various bugs have been fixed in them, as well as missing languages have been added.

If you have already done this, now you must download the latest version of the Mod Theme Switcher from our Mods for GarlicOs section.

When you unzip the .zip file, in the folder you will find several subfolders. If you are going to install the themes and icons on SD Card 1, we will use the TF1 folder from now on, but if you are going to install the themes and icons on SD Card 2 , we will use the TF2 folder.

Within the folder that we are going to use we will find another 3 folders with the necessary files.
Let’s start with the SDCARD folder, inside this we are going to find another 2 folders called Icons and Themes, we will copy these 2 folders to the root of the ROMS partition (Or whatever we have called the partition where we have our roms).
Now we will continue with the ROMS folder, inside this we will find another 2 folders called ICONS and THEMES, we will copy these 2 folders into the ROMS folder, where we have the rest of the folders of our roms, videos, apps…
And to finish with the installation of the MOD, we must access the CFW/config folder of our card, and edit the coremapping.json file with a text editor and add 2 lines of code and save the file. These 2 lines of code are located in the CFW/config folder in the coremapping-add.json file of our mod. (Remember to add a , to the last existing line in the file before copying these 2 lines there).

Once the installation and configuration of the MOD is finished, we can copy our files of Themes and Icons that we want. For this we are going to need to copy our theme folders into the Themes and Icons folders that we copied to the root of our card. (Keep in mind that some themes have different folder structures and some additions, but we are only going to need the folders: font, lang and skin to work correctly with our mod. And for the icons the system folder.)

When we have already copied our Themes and Icons, we need to create the lists that we will use later to be able to change the theme or icons at will. This is created automatically by entering from GarlicOs to Consoles and selecting Themes or Icons, and there we will find —Update Themes List— or —Update Icons List—.

With this we would already have our Themes and Icons available to be able to change them whenever we want.

And if you also want to add a preview of the themes and icons, you must follow the following additional steps:
We need to create the Imgs folder inside ROMS/THEMES and ROMS/ICONS. Then we must copy there all the files with the_theme_name.png or the_icon_name.png that you can find inside the imgs folders of your downloaded Themes or Icons. (And once you have all of them, remember to make a backup copy of this Imgs folder, because if you do a —Update— of Themes or Icons again, it will be deleted and you will have to create it again! !)

Note: When you change the Theme, the icons are also changed by the ones in the theme, so if you had other favorites, you will have to change the icons again after the theme.

I hope you are able to do it, and that you enjoy your Themes and Icons!!


  1. I was able to change my theme once but now it seems to be stuck on that theme and I can’t change it to a different one?

    1. i don’t know why, but you can overwrite the GarlicOs Skin and start again. Are you using the latest versions of the themes? i updated all and work’s without any problem in my RG35XX

      1. i downloaded a them then i hit apply and now i’m stuck with a black screen after the boot. do you know how can I fix it? thank you

        1. I had the same problem when I tried to use the miyoo quest theme. what I did was copy my bios, roms, and saves files to my computer and then wipe the sd card and re-install Garlic os and put all those files back. It was pretty annoying but it fixed the problem

  2. “(And once you have all of them, remember to make a backup copy of this Imgs folder, because if you do a —Update— of Themes or Icons again, it will be deleted and you will have to create it again! !)”

    I just modified the scripts so that it doesn’t delete Imgs folders (for Roms/THEMES and Roms/ICONS). Is there a reason for deleting Imgs folders when updating Themes or Icons list?

  3. I just got a RG35XX and love this thing so far. Got some SD cards to load this thing all up with my ROMs and started working on customizing this.

    Maybe i’m really dumb this weekend, but after following these instructions, and several other guides, I just can’t seem to find a good set of instructions that work. Most seem to get about 80% of the way there, but when it comes time to change ICONS I am usually stuck on defaults or manually loading via SD card file management.

    Is there a better set of instructions I can follow? perhaps screenshots will help of the File Manager and RG35XX.

    **I have copied Themes/Icons & THEMES/ICONS into their root & Roms directories, respectively. Instructions say to load up your themes/icons and generate your list by going into Garlic OS > Consoles > Themes/Icons > Update Themes/Icons List**
    –I swear I did everything right…but I don’t see files when I check Garlic OS Consoles. Instead, I see the files.

    I’ve been at this for hours, spinning my wheels, and I’m sure the correct process/answer is right in front of me, but even recent youtube videos and similar guides have misinformation.


    Please show me the way

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