New Official Anbernic Firmware Dual (Stock + GarlicOs)

     Just a few hours ago the news broke that Anbernic had released a new version of its stock firmware, this time Dual, with the possibility of starting GarlicOs as well.
We have not yet been able to test the system, which includes some new Apps and other well-known ones, some presets apparently made by Anbernic, and some ports of games that we will already have on the page for sure.
     When we investigate further, we will provide you with more information. For now we leave you with the Official Youtube video. In the description of the video there is a link to download this latest firmware, bios, and even roms!
However, we have already made our backup copy in case it disappears…


  1. Hello
    How is IT possible that the Stock ist reads the Roms or how can i Change the rompath because it doesnt find my Roms on sdcard1 or sdcard2 GarlicOS find my Roms on sdcard2 Stock os not

  2. Anyone else having an issue with games being displayed really dark on garlic but not stock? I think it was ok last night when I first tried it (super briefly). But today, it looks horribly filtered regardless of console/rom.

  3. What’s the difference between Stock+Garlic_test_EN-20230719.img and stock+garlic_test_20230629_1.img. They are not the same. Anybody know.?

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