romSearch, the most necessary APP for GarlicOs

Exactly 1 month ago version 1.0 of this APP developed by AgelessArchangel was released to be able to Search ROMS just like you can do it in Stock Firmware.
You can look for ROMS on the card where you have the APP installed. Now available from our APPS section for GarlicOs.

As soon as the news was published, AgelessAnchargel informed me that there is already a more updated version, 1.2, so we started to update it!


  1. now thats really a must have. but i guess blackseraph alrady noticed this and hopefully he implement some applications or setting into the next release.

  2. I Install it but only reads sdcard1 and Not my sdcard2 where all my Roms on. Any fix for that?

    1. Yesterday the same thing happened to me, and it is that I had all my ROMS in folders directly from the root of the SD2, I created the Roms folder and put all the systems folders with the roms there and it worked for me! (Using version 1.2)

  3. When adding the app to the system, do all items in the zip need to be added to the respective APPS and CFW folder?

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