Battery Animation Switcher

     Today we bring you, with the help of RetroMateo, a battery charge animation selector, as an APP for GarlicOs, to be able to change the battery charge animation to your liking and when you feel like it.
You can download it from our Apps for GarlicOs section, and it already includes all of our Battery Animation charge themes. Remember to read the instructions to install it correctly, it’s easy, I’m sure you won’t have problems to make it work 😉

Soon and thanks again to RetroMateo, we will also have a Boot Animation and Boot Logo selector; Ideal plugins to customize our beloved RG35XX together with the Theme Selector and the Icon Selector.


  1. i guess the second step is incorrect. makes no sense afer the first step:

    “2. Place Roms/BATTERYANIMATIONS in Roms Partition”

    i guess he wanted to say folder and not partition.

    1. There are 4 partitions in the garlic OS image, one of them is the mnt/mmc partition, which is also known as the roms partition since, well, that’s where the roms are also stored.

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