Updated GBA Cores for GarlicOs

XQuader via Reddit informs us of a GBA Core update that he has been working on to fix a problem that he had since previous versions of GarlicOs.
This is what he says in his post:

mGBA core in the Garlic OS 1.4.9 is very outdated, it was built upon source code dated Feb 22, 2022, because of an odd audio issue that appeared, when Black-Seraph tried to compile a fresh version of the core (see the changelog of Garlic OS 1.2.9).

I’ve managed to fix the issue and compile the core from the latest source code. Along with this core, I also decided to compile the latest gpSP core.

Pay attention, that save states from the old mGBA core will be incompatible with the new one – the game may not start or may have audio issues. Launch the game using the Start button to avoid loading auto-savestate and load an in-game save.

You can download the update: >HERE<


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for providing the newer core files for mGBA and gpsp. I did overwrite the existing ones from garlic OS however, I can’t say that I see any noticeable difference between the newer cores and existing ones.
    mGBA continues to perform poorly for most of the games compared to gpsp.

    For instance, if you open ‘final fantasy VI’ there is always audio crackling and choppy frame rates using the older mGBA core. And it seems to be the same case with newer core as well.

    1. “Updated” does not mean “higher performance”, on the contrary, it is slower than the old one but has better support for some games (e.g., “Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak” cannot be played on the old core). Check out my post on Reddit for more details.

  2. GBA games that attempt to be 3D seem to be a problem. The simplest solution is to use the Stock OS instead of Garlic. I find that my PS1 games (in pbp format) also run better on the stock firmware. My experience with Atari 7800 on Garlic is terrible — the games run so slow that they are not playable. And if you don’t know, Anbernic’s latest firmware download includes Garlic and the ability to easily switch from one to the other, so I highly recommend that you download that. Having experimented wtih each OS, and with Koriki as well, I prefer the stock OS for its simplicity and intuitive controls. Koriki has a very slick interface which is impressive, but it too has trouble with GBA and PS1. So until Garlic and Koriki are updated (which apparently may never happen), I’ll stick to the stock OS.

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