Themes (Skins) Updates

     Today I have been creating modified “settings.json” files for each and every one of the themes that we currently have for download in our GarlicOS Themes section.
After a while, I have been able to verify that the vast majority of GarlicOS users prefer to have the images of the games on the left and their names on the right, and there are many times that I have read comments from users asking about them on Reddit. how to modify it or how to do it, since most themes come with the text centered on the screen.
So I got to work and created the 83 modifications, 1 for each theme, and added them to the list in the Themes section for GarlicOS, so that no one has to download the full themes again. You will be able to see the download button next to the theme download button.
To change it you will only have to unzip it and replace the “settings.json” file in the theme’s SKIN folder. This way you can have the images on the left and the text on the right.

The next thing is to review all the Themes and Boot Logos content that you have sent and publish them and add them to each corresponding section. Thank you for waiting and patience.


  1. Thanks for your work on this. Would it be possible to get a single archive with all the settings.json files for all the skins in it. Save having to download them all one by one as I have all of them installed on my RG35XX. 🙂

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