GMU Music Player Updated

A few days ago, XQuader sent me an update of this application for our consoles, music player, which now also:

– September 18, 2023:

1) Change default controls
2) Add Module formats (.669; .amf; .ams; .dbm; .digi; .dmf; .dsm; .far; .gdm; .imf; .it; .j2b; .m15; .mdl; .med; .mmcmp; .mo3; .mod; .mptm; .mt2; .mtm; .nst; .okt; .plm; .ppm; .psm; .ptm; .s3m; .stk; .stm; .ult; .umx; .wow; .xm; .xpk) support
3) Add Musepack (.mpc, .mp+) support
4) Add WavPack (.wv, .wvc) support

You can download the latest version from our Apps section for GarlicOs

One Comment

  1. is that auto resume playback problem for each tracks fixed?
    which means you don’t need to find out where you were last time you quit the app?

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