Koriki 1.0 Available!

It’s been about 3 days now that we have available the long-awaited version 1.0 of Koriki for RG35XX developed by acmeplus, which offers many new features and that we are looking forward to trying…

Change log:

  • Synchronized code base to batocera devel (V39)
  • Updated all cores to the latest versions
  • Updated all standalone emulators (PPSSPP, flycast, etc)
  • Added shutdown after removing power cable during charging
  • Added initial suspend mode (low enery userspace mode, not kernel based, not hibernation): Short press Power button to enter/exit suspend mode
  • Added shutdown shortcut: press volume+ + Power button for shutdown
  • Brightness level is now saved
  • All hardware revisions should work without requiring bootfixes
  • Added new theme (Airon Theme) Thanks @SzalikDesigns!
  • Added stylus support for NDS (R2 + DPAD for movement, R2 + A to click)
  • Ports:
    • Added VVVVVV port
    • Added back SpaceCadet port
    • @JohnnyonFlame ports (MalditaCastilla, Spelunky, CurseOfIssyos, ShovelKnight) should now work and exit correctly
    • Updated OpenBOR versions, default is now 6510
    • Added additional ports/emulators: Amiberry, OpenJazz, CDOGS, ECWOLF, eDuke32, Fallout 1 & 2, Fury, OpenTyrian, Simcoupe, etc. Note that all these require data file, refer to batocera pages for those ports for information about required data files
  • Other changes:
    • ODCommander keys are now working
    • OpenBOR default keys configured
    • Updated default PPSSPP standalone mappings (thanks @s1eepy)

You can download this latest version from here: https://github.com/rg35xx-cfw/Koriki/releases/tag/koriki_rg35xx_v1.0

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