DraStic, The Nintendo DS emulator it’s Updated

XQuader the developer has once again updated its Nintendo DS emulator, DraStic for our beloved RG35XX for GarlicOS and MinUi operating systems.
Here we leave you the Change Log:

– November 13, 2023:
1) Fixed the D-Pad being stuck after rolling over in all directions (Garlic OS).
2) Fixed stylus touch (MinUI)

– November 12, 2023:
1) Added multiple screen layouts/sizes (13 layouts);
2) Added bezel (background) images support;
3) Added overlays support (Garlic OS only);
4) Added custom stylus images support;
5) Added custom logo images support;
6) Added possibility to rotate keys (90deg and 270deg). Useful in games that require screen rotation (“BOOK” layout).

1) Add custom menu (offload hotkeys);
2) Add gamepad support;
3) Improve performance;
4) Fix remaining vsync issues;
5) Add overlays support in MinUI;
6) Add mic noise emulation (blowing sound).


You can download these updates from the XQuader blog here: https://boosty.to/xquader/posts/b9bfd9b4-5a37-48a6-8bc7-3d8aa48a5953?share=post_link


    1. Also whenever you switch screens the stylus sometimes appears on the top screen instead but acts like it is on the touch screen.

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