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     Hello! Thanks for staying here! Lately I’ve been very busy with my work and I have little time to spend with Reddit, Discord and others…
Thanks to Gabi_90 our collaborator, who gives me a hand updating me.

The TV section where we had TV series and programs or some movies has been eliminated. For copyright reasons, they closed the account where we had everything stored and we unfortunately considered it lost. In a next section that we will create Tutorials we will explain how to do your own conversions so that you can do it for yourself.

The WIKI has also been eliminated, which gave us some headaches to build it and which in the end was left open for people to collaborate and my hosting provider disabled because it had been vandalized and full of SPAM with links to drug pages and others. drugs… REGRETTABLE!

The upload of Boot Screens, Themes, Battery charge and others had to be stopped due to misuse of it as well, it is a shame that people do not behave and make good use of the things that are offered, and also FREE, I don’t understand. I know that many of you want to send your creations but you can’t or they are sent and no one reviews them. Sorry, we’ll try to fix this shortly.

Security has also been added to users who register on the page, since someone has maliciously tried to hack the page on some occasions through attacks on the page’s registration. Luckily we have managed to avoid it, although with the help of our hosting provider. Some fan who is too much of a Miyoo Mini fan who tried to annoy us. (We received a message that said in English: “It will never be better than an Onion”, presumably referring to the Miyoo operating system. I did not save a screenshot of it, since I never thought about making it public)

Regarding the famous “Spanish Romset” by Gabi_90 that you ask us so much about, it is almost ready for us to publish it again, and we are creating a mirror in case there are problems again. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Finally, I am creating new pages and sections to separate everything new for the PLUS version so that it does not mix and confuse users of the Original RG35XX. You will soon be able to see it, our PLUS must be here soon…

At the moment we already have the PLUS Stock Firmware available in our Firmware section.

Greetings from TechnopodMan and Gabi_90, Thank you for your support!

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