1 Year of RG35XX

     Today, December 9, 2023, marks one year since the launch of the Anbernic portable retro console, model RG35XX.

Throughout this year, we have been able to verify several things, among which I want to highlight and summarize very briefly in this entry:

– The stock operating system leaves a lot to be desired, it contains many bugs and errors that can be improved, such as the appearance and size of the resolution of the games, few emulators, etc.
– In less than a week after its launch, the developer Black Seraph shows us RetroArch running on the console and gives us hope that the operating system can be improved.
– The same day that I learned that the development of new operating systems for the console had begun, this website was launched, RG35XX.com, which you know very well…
– Before the end of 2022, Black Seraph launches GarlicOs, the new operating system based on RetroArch, with several improvements and additions, and possibilities for customizing the console.
Adixal, offers us a version of GarlicOs without graphical environment, based solely on RetroArch called MustardOs, (which over time will be renamed to MuOS)
– After several updates of GarlicOS, we began to be able to enjoy PORTS such asDOOM, to which more will be added in the future.
– From RG35XX.com we offer Bootlogos and Themes to personalize the console, and the possibility for page users to send us theirs to share with others.
Black Seraph, offers us MKV video playback 640×480 on the console, with subtitles and fast forward.
Shaun Inman, launches a version of his well-known System Operating MinUi fully functional for the console, becoming the fourth operating system available for it.
XQuader, brings us the long-awaited GMU Music player, to be able to listen to various music formats on the console, as if it were an iPod. The development of APPS for the console begins…
AcmePlus, surprises us with a functional version of Batoceraand unlocking the console’s GPU offering more processing power.
– The tireless work of XQuader, JoeStaff, Aveferrum, eggs, budtherooster, continue to offer us PORTS and APPS for the console.
AcmePlus, continues its development of CFW, moving from Batocera to Koriki, which gives better performance on the console.
Anbernic, launches an update of its operating system in collaboration with Black Seraph, making the DUAL operating system, being able to use the Stock or GarlicOS easily!
– Rumors arise of a possible update of the console with Wifi, Bluettoth and a better processor, possibly called RG35XX+
– A Crowfunding campaign begins to purchase the new update of the RG35XX+ console for the page and to continue offering content for it.
XQuader, continues to improve APPS and PORTS, and brings us a much improved version of the Video player, now using FFPlay, Prince of Persia or EasyRPG among others…
– DraStic in Nintendo DS emulator makes its appearance for the console thanks to XQuader, which revolutionizes the console again, allowing you to play more games.
AcmePlus, launches its version 1.0 of Koriki.
– Finally the announcement is made official that the RG35XX will have an update called RG35XX plus!.
Black Seraph shows us GarlicOs 2.0 for RG35XX Plus, although it is still in the Alpha phase and does not have its full potential.
– On November 25, 2023, the new Anbernic RG35XX Plus is launched. (And we managed to complete the Crowfunding and order one that is already on its way).

Thank you for being here and being part of the RG35XX community!


  1. who’s eggs? i’m wondering if he could make a universal port for N64 roms. something like the SM64, but add any rom to it. works really well.

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